About Me

I have instructed my publicist to write this little bio in the first person to make it seem more intimate, and not so much as if I have a team of talented professionals crafting my image for me. (Which I totally do. Thanks, guys, as always, for your fantastic work. Did you get the fruit basket, by the way?)

I started writing as a very small kid. My first poem was about the discovery of the platypus, and it was a big hit with the other kids on the school bus. I’d get requests. Which totally warped me for life. I decided I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Well, actually, a writer/ventriloquist/oceanographer. My dreams of speaking without moving my lips have died slowly and painfully in the intervening years. But someday I still hope to photograph a giant squid in the wild.  And occasionally I still write things.

And sometimes I read them again, out-loud, in front of people.